The Project


The Project ECHO will be carried out in three phases: Its runtime extends from January 2016 – December 2018.

1. Initial phase
In cooperation with key actors (energy managers, environmental managers, department heads of operation sectors, etc.), of at least ten universities, tailored energy efficient campaigns will be developed and implemented. Using initial workshops, those key actors will be trained aschange agents, which will qualify them to put the campaign into practice. In cooperation with the created core teams, the ECHO-campaign will be implemented in pre-selected buildings at the universities. Primarily, office buildings are chosen for this examination process. We aim to have a continuous exchange on progresses and advances in between the universities and the ECHO team.

2. Diffusion within a college
Subsequently, the campaign will be transferred to additional buildings at involved universities. Likewise, change agents will be involved in a second phase of workshops. Additionally, the involved universities will be joined into close networks to enable them to exchange their experiences so far.

3. Distribution
Afterwards, a third phase aims to broaden the range of ECHO even further. Therefore, an online database will be created. Universities already using ECHO are encouraged to utilize this database to get in touch with other interested parties. Two other desired effects are to raise interest and encourage more universities to implement ECHO, as well as identifying further potential improvements for the campaign.



The project will be monitored continuously. A special focus will be on e.g. energy consumption development at the involved universities. Workshops will be evaluated in close cooperation with the change agents.



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