Ramune Pansa


    Research Assistant

    Otto-von-Guericke Universität

    Institut für Psychologie
    G24, R309
    Postfach 4120
    39106 Magdeburg

    Tel: +49 391 67 57037
    Fax: +49 391 67 41963
    E-Mail: Ramune.Pansa@ovgu.de

Professional experience

Since September 2022, Ramune Pansa has been working at the Chair of Environmental Psychology in the project Build4People (WP#1) as a research assistant.
Prior to that, she worked in different environmental psychology research projects, including climate adaptation (research on climate-adapted behavioral measures and lifestyles, KUBUS, KLIMZUG) Smart Grid (Empowering Smart Grid Expertise in Europe, SMAGRINET) and optimization of regional value chains and citizen science (Stadt-Land-Plus Projekt - OLGA).

In the context of her diploma thesis she dealt with emotional affinity with regard to environmentally protective behavior in a country comparison between Lithuania and Germany.



Ernst, A., Krebs, F., Pansa, R., & Holzhauer, S. (2013). Klimaanpassung in der nordhessischen Bevölkerung: Individuelle Wahrnehmung, Bereitschaft zur Anpassung und kollektive Dynamiken. Regionale Klimaanpassung: Herausforderungen-Lösungen-Hemmnisse. Umsetzungen am Beispiel Nordhessens, 584-591.

Bauriedl, S., Krebs, F., Hafner, S., Mauritz, C., Pansa, R., Walther, M., Weidlich, W. & Roßnagel, A. (2013). Evaluation der Governance-Innovationen in Nordhessen. Regionale Klimaanpassung–Herausforderungen, Lösungen, Hemmnisse, Umsetzungen am Beispiel Nordhessens. Interdisciplinary research on climate change mitigation and adaptation, Bd, 5, 687-719.

Müller, M. M., Kals, E., & Pansa, R. (2009). Adolescents’ emotional affinity toward nature: A cross-societal study. Journal of Developmental Processes, 4(1), 59-69.

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