The educational and research activities of our chair cover the entrie range of Environmental Psychology. But what exactly is Environmental Psychology?

Environmental Psychology deals with human experience and behavior, with a focus on the environment surrounding the individual. Environment on the one hand is understood as the immediate spatial-temporal and social surroundings, and, on the other hand, refers to a more general perspective of environment, as for example the global environment or cultural contexts.
Against the background of increasing discussions about environmental problems and potential solutions, research on the experience of problematic environmental changes and associated human behaviors (e.g., mobility behavior) has gained more and more attention. Environmental psychology has started to play an increasing role in both national and international research programs.
The debate about how to handle and solve environmental problems is often characterized by conflicts because of differences in underlying interests and values. Environmental psychology can make an important contribution to find - by means of voluntary participation - a solution which is supported by everyone involved by studying different types of participation and mediation.


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