IDiNA - Optimisation of mains operation and increasing acceptance through smart digitalisation of power supply

Team leader: Prof. Dr. Florian Kaiser
Team members: M. Sc. Juliane Bücker, M. Sc. Ronja Gerdes

(duration of funding 01/03/2021-29/02/2024)

The efficient use of existing energy networks is essential for a successful energy transition. To optimize grid operation, information from all stakeholders – from the grid operator to the end customer – need to be combined and utilised. The willingness to provide this information has to be considered here. Information disclosure and data usage must be designed in such a way that consumers do not feel violated in their privacy.

In this subproject, we investigate which factors promote or hinder consumers' acceptance of the provision of electricity-related usage data. In doing so, we look at the characteristics of data usage scenarios, as well as individual motivation.

In a representative, large-scale survey, we determine the absolute acceptance towards the third-party use of various electricity-related usage data for network optimization. We investigate further, whether this acceptance is more dependent on the general attitude towards informational self-determination (preservation of privacy) or on the environmental attitude. To date, there is no suitable instrument to measure attitudes towards informational self-determination available. In the first step, we therefore develop such a measurement instrument.

In addition, we will test a range of interventions and measures to promote the willingness of others to provide electricity usage data in a field study.

Funding: BMWK – Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action


Project partners:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Martin Wolter: Institute of Electric Power Systems, OVGU
  • Prof. Dr. Felix Müsgens: Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU)
  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Lehnhoff: OFFIS e.V.
  • Dr.-Ing. Andreas Kubis: PSI Software AG
  • Dipl.-Ing, Gerhard Meindl: SWW Wunsiedel GmbH
  • M.Sc. Christopher Schneider: SWH Stadtwerk Haßfurt GmbH
  • M.Sc. Lisa Ziemer: Es-geht! Energiesysteme GmbH

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