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What is an EEG?

The EEG (electroencephalogram) is a method for monitoring electrical activity in brain. It uses electrodes placed on the scalp to record activity.

The EEG is a non-invasive method and therefore completely safe for subjects. It can be used during sleep, at rest, or during the processing of tasks in the laboratory setting.

In our EEG-lab, we have two available EEG cabins for testing. Each cabin is shielded acoustically and against electromagnetic radiation. This ensures a trouble-free EEG measurement. Thanks to a modular amplifier system, we are able to perform spatially high-resolution EEG leads (32-128 channels per test band.).

Our lab is also set up to simultaneously record other bio signals such as EMG (records the activity of a muscle), respiration, skin conductance, heart rate, etc.

How is an EEG conducted?

You will put on a special cap that has many small metal electrodes attached. The electrodes analyze the electrical impulses in the brain and send signals to a computer that records the results.

Before the electrodes can measure anything, the underlying skin areas must be cleaned and some gel is applied between the scalp and the electrodes. This helps to ensure that the electrical resistance between the scalp and the electrode is as small as possible.

During the testing, you will perform a series of computer tasks. The electrodes send electrical impulse data from your brain to the recording machine. This machine converts the electrical impulses into visual patterns.

After the experiment, you will have the possibility to remove the remnants of the gel from your hair in our washroom.

Your personal data, as well as your name and address, will be kept in an anonymous form and treated confidentially.

If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with information about the results after the completion of the respective study.

How do I become a subject?

We are always looking for people who want to support us in our research.

The recording of your brain waves is a completely harmless and painless examination. However, in each study, a certain amount of patience is required.

Before we start, the experiment will be explained and any questions will be answered by the technician.

After the experiment, we will pay you for your time with either Versuchpersonenstuden or in cash.

If you are interested, please contact the Institute of Psychology, Department of Neuropsychology, Otto-von-Guericke-University / Universitätsplatz 2 / Building 24 Room 003 / 39106 Magdeburg

Christina Becker:  Tel: 0391-67 58478 / E-mail: neuropsychologie@ovgu.de

Additional Research

Our research group conducts a wide range of measurements. In addition to our EEG lab, we have a large behavioral lab with several testing stations. We also use the Siemens MAGNETROM Skyra 3T-MRI scanner at MRI lab in the Experimental Fabrik.


Christina Becker
Tel.: 0391-67 58478
E-mail: christina.becker@ovgu.de

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