Environmental Psychology

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Here, we introduce our faculty members, researchers and assistants. We are happy to provide information about our diverse research activities!

In particular, we present our Master's programme with a focus on environmental psychology and human-technology interaction, a unique M.Sc. in Psychology in Germany, which is all about how humans deal with the climate crisis. We cover classic fields of environmental psychology research such as human-nature relationships, connectedness to nature, perception of natural and built environments and the effect of environmental stimuli on people. In addition, sustainable consumer behaviour, considerations of participation in sustainable planning and design, commitment to socio-ecological transformation and the psychology of behavioural change in general also play a decisive role. Approaches to technical solutions that must contribute to overcoming the climate crisis will be examined in depth in the field of human-technology interaction.

As interested researchers, we invite you to contribute to current social debates on climate justice and environmentally sound behaviour, environmental awareness, transformation policy, environmental communication and education.

More on the Master Environmental Psychology/Human-Machine-Interaction!

    More about our diverse research activities!

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