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Psychoinformatics Lab

Psychologists live in an increasingly data-rich world, and our ability to make continued progress in understanding the mind and brain depends on finding new ways to organize and synthesize an ever-expanding body of knowledge. (Yarkoni, Curr. Dir. Psych. Science, 2012).

Research in this lab focuses on the interface of computer and information sciences, neuroscience, and psychology. We develop tools and strategies to employ inter-disciplinary expertise in psychological and neuroimaging research. Our projects range from tailored solutions to specific problems (e.g. PyMVPA) all the way up to versatile research platforms (e.g. NeuroDebian).


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J.-Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke

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Institute of Psychology
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Lab projects
Here is a list of projects that have their origin in the lab, or that we are currently running. Clicking on each headline will get you to the links to the respective websites.