Kopernikus-Project ENavi

Policy makers have many options to choose from when they plan to foster the transition of the German energy system. First of all, the transition has a technical dimension, as different kinds of technologies can be used or promoted to a different extent. Additionally, each change in the current energy system will affect society in a different way. For example, certain measures lead to energy price changes while others affect the natural environment. Some solutions can be expected to be better accepted by society than others.

The project ENavi (Energy transformation navigation system) aims at estimating the effects of different courses of action on society and developing a navigation system for policy makers. This instrument is supposed to support decision makers in choosing appropriate measures.

As part of the project, the Division of Environmental Psychology (Prof. Ellen Matthies, Dr. Ingo Kastner, Annalena Becker and Sebastian Bobeth as project staff) investigates sustainable investment decisions in the sectors of mobility and heating. As potential target groups, we look at private households and organizations. We aim at identifying critical factors for sustainable investment decisions. Different consumption sectors and target groups will be compared.



Prof. Dr. Ellen Matthies

Dr. Ingo Kastner

Annalena Becker

Sebastian Bobeth

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