Karen Krause

Karen Krause

    Research Assistant

    Otto-von-Guericke University

    Institute of Psychology
    Bldg. 24, R310
    P.O. Box 4120
    39106 Magdeburg

    Tel: +49 391 675 8476
    Fax: +49 391 67 41963
    E-Mail: Karen.Krause@ovgu.de

Professional experience

Since March 2015 Karen Krause has been working as a research assistent for the EU-project GLAMURS in the division of Enviromental Psychology at the OvGU Magdeburg. Starting 2016, she has been part of the ECHO-project team as well. Her dissertation project focusses on possible psychological determinants and contributions towards a solidarity-related lifestyle approach.

In her master's thesis she focused on studies in the field of perceived and actual energy saving potentials in German households. While studying for her master's degree she also worked as a student assistant at the Fraunhofer IFF in Magdeburg. There, she contributed to studies in the field of virtual realities and their perception and acceptance.

During her studies for her bachelor's degree at the University of Leipzig, she worked as a student assistant at the research group for experimental psychology. Her bachelor's thesis focused on analysing data from the field of empathy research in childhood and youth.



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Thronicker, I., Polzin, C., Schulte, M., Krause, K., Blöbaum, A., Petri, M., Berneiser, J. (2016). GLAMURS Deliverable 5.6: Case Study Report. The region of Central Germany. GLAMURS: EU FP7 SSH Call: 2013.2.1-1 - Obstacles and prospects for Sustainable lifestyles and Green Economy, Grant agreement no: 613420.

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