The educational and research activities of this chair are covering all parts of Environmental Psychology. But what exactly is Environmental Psychology?

Environmental Psychology deals in a scientific way with human experience and behaviour, especially paying attention to the environment which surrounds the individual. Environment on the one hand means direct spatial-temporal and social surroundings, on the other hand it refers to a more general sense as for example the global environment or cultural context.
During the last years - in combination with a more intense discussion about how to solve environmental problems - especially those research topics have gained in importance which are concerned with the experience of problematic environmental changes and the human behavior connected to it (e.g. choice of means of transport). Environmental psychology has started to play an increasing role in recent programs, both in national and international research.
The debate about how to handle and solve environmental problems often leads to conflicts because of different interests and values. Therefore, environmental psychology deals with different types of participation and mediation to find - by means of voluntary participation - a solution which is supported by everyone involved.


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